You don't learn by doing things the easy way.

OK, so I got a new PSU today - a sweet QTechnology 350W gold edition. This was not just 'cos I obsessively upgrade my computer, but also because my old PSU had a rattle. PCs should be seen and not heard, except through speakers or headphones.

Anyway, so now Shodan is totally inaudible unless I pay close attention, runs 40C normal, 64 on max load - i.e. when running the screensaver - and 64 is the Intel's max rating for the 3.2 P4.

As long as I remember to turn the fans up when I shut the windows and jack the heating, then I'll be fine. I'm beginning to have doubts about the case profile though. Something like the new Lian Li would be nice, but I don't think they've yet got the envelope down pat. I'm going to wait for a few iterations and see where they go.