FB encore

Written 06/10/07 baby, predictive or wot :-)

OK. I may be late to the party, but as ever, I make up for it with boundless enthusiasm. With FB, if this stays independent, this is disruptive, more disruptive than Google, because it directly affects people in the real world. Fit the first.

Fit the second, I expect the big web players to do their utmost to stomp on this quick, or compete like Hell.


The FaceBook API

Very nice. Might even use it, some time soon even. BUT: maybe I don't get the threat model here, but the use of MD5 as a hashing algorithm is kinda anachronistic - MD5 was broken years ago. Anyhoo. Watch this space, maybe.


Hum, better write something here I guess

So, why is this dormant?

Simple, by way of metaphor:

Today I redownloaded the demo of StarCraft, a game I've played and loved in the past. Completing the final mission, meticulously exterminating Zerg with ranked Siege Tanks (the only sure way to have zero friendly casualties on lower levels), it occurs to me:

I'm wasting my time.

There is stimulus in winning a game, but it's artificial stimulus, without use in the real world. That's why I stopped (now I remember - like eating McFood, occaisionally you forget why you don't eat it, so you eat it again...)

Anyway. So.