I feel much better now

Life is war against death.

So, yesterday we went rock-climbing in the Ardennes. Outdoor climbing is different from indoor in that nothing is colour-coded, and you can find yourself staring at a blank cliff-face while hanging on by the tips of your fingers and wondering how on earth the last guy got past here. Of course, there's always a way.

While there I met a guy who works as an electrical engineer for a company that makes surgically implanted hearing aids. Turns out there are a lot of similar issues as with the questions below. What I now know:
  1. LCDs can scale to the limits of etching technology, which (as any chip-maker will tell you) can go right down to the nanometer level. Alrightythen.
  2. Bandwidth requirements - there are several ways of putting bandwidth across empty spaces, of which radio is the least efficient. He told me about the current & future solutions to this, but they're currently deciding whether or not to patent their solutions, so I'm going to keep quiet for now.
  3. Detecting brain activity can be done now and is used for people with conditions that prevent voluntary muscle movement. They can use move a cursor across a screen (so 2-bit input) and spell out words, etc.
  4. This is currently done either with intercranial or scalp electrodes. Larger detectors with a continuous surface should provide higher resolution.
  5. The whole area is a boom just waiting to happen.