In review

I specialize in idle speculation.

Gradient is the second software project that I've carried through to completion, and the first for which I've published source code and documentation.

I had no idea just how much work is involved in actually publishing source code properly. I was expecting it to take one month, and instead it took three and a half.

The code itself does very little - and it's difficult to explain the potential it has without some flashy examples, which I don't have at the moment.

I haven't received much feedback on it yet, because I haven't spent any serious time on PR. Even if the thing never grows legs, I've learnt a lot by doing it:
  • It was the first project for which I used Eclipse, which I use everywhere now.
  • Same with Ant.
  • Hyades - a very cool memory profiler. The code is truly impressive, both in it's capabilities, and it's use of system capabilities...
  • As always, every bug you find, you learn a little about programming.
There are a number of things I could do next, but the most interesting one is to help fight software patents. We Shall See.