Questions I have

Despite this crap, I do not want desensitization.

These questions are all for one reason, which I explain afterwards. I'm thinking of putting them on Google Answers with a non-trivial sum for each question.
  1. To what level can we miniaturise LCDs? Is a 5x5mm 2000x1200 pixel LCD completely impossible?
  2. What are the bandwidth requirements for a normal monitor cable? Can we get this bandwidth via very low power wireless at distances of a centimeter or two?
  3. How thick is a contact lense? What is the maximum thickness for a contact lense?
  4. How much power does the best 1cm squared solar panel generate?
I'm wondering how difficult it would be to make contact lenses with inset LCDs. I imagine that billions would need to be poured into R&D to find out if it's possible. More questions:
  1. Neurons firing produces current. Current produces RF. How easy is it to detect that current?
  2. How hard is it to do this non-invasively? Can we do it for fingers as well as arms?
I'm also wondering how hard it would be to build a passive RF-detector that detects impulses associated with muscle-movement, and use it for a direct interface between the brain and the computer. Wrists and fingers are fragile.

Likewise, this kind of thing would, if possible, be the result of Manhattan-level R&D. The result, however, would be worth it. Air-traffic controllers, navigators, programmers, and gamers all dream of something like this every time they sit down in front of a computer.