Waouw! I feel good...

An interesting point on the supply and demand of attention, as relates to media. [via Waxy.] A sidepoint in the story was a service of paid aggregation/coolspotting. One of the things that the explosion of citizens media is an explosion in information overload.

Me being me, I think infographics can solve this by presenting denser information. But ultimately, you need community metrics that filter out the stuff you're not interested in.

Problem with filters is that people need to have foreign stuff shoved in their faces to broaden tastes, induce cognitive dissonance, be thought-provoking etc. This is why filters are not the ultimate solution. Perfectly filtered content becomes boring, uniform.

Side note: as part of the whole gradient shebang, which eerily synchs w/ some work stuff coming down the spike, I want take time to sploosh some of this data into sweet infographics. As I've said elsewhere, there's stories hiding in them thar mounds of data.