Gradient 1.1.0pre1

Gradient 1.1.0pre1 has landed.

Buggy as hell, but working, and more-or-less undocumented, what's new is:

No more XMPP-based file transfer. Jabber.org can breathe a sigh of release, we now transfer files via HTTP and check for XMPP integration by looking for something like in the loaded document.
One example that's relatively p2p - load up this SVG file in the client, and if by some stroke of luck the whole thing hasn't fallen over, you should see something a little interesting. [Or you can look at some screenshots.]

In comparison to what I intended to do, that's not so bad. The serverside API still needs improvement. Items 1, 4, 7, and 10 on the known problems list have been fixed, although we have more bugs in other places now.

Work continues apace.