Notes to self:

  1. iso-8859-1 is not the same as ASCII. You'd have thought, that after 3 years in a quatrilingual country, you'd know this.
  2. For developers that have to test their own code:
    1. Stop thinking like a coder/creator, and start thinking like an intruder - "how do I break this software?"
    2. go through all the code you wrote and write down each confirmed behaviour. This is what needs testing.
    3. Write a series of input/action procedures that collectively confirm each behaviour.
    4. Start the procedure. Note all irreularities and bugs until you come across a blocking bug. Fix all the bugs. Continue the procedure.
    5. Once this is done, use the code as a user would several times, each time doing different things like deleting stuff etc. that a normal user expects to work. Not so much code paths as UI paths.
  3. D. w/ P. Tues 1800 (I left my mobile @ home today.)