Is this not highly cool?

Publishing the Skype API was a stroke of genius.

Tangential to my ideas on uses for the Skype SDK, we now have SkypeCasting.

Why this rocks: telephony is being freed from traditional PSTN networks and corporate-borne innovation, and we're starting to see reinventions, new takes on old ideas, etc., just as we're accustomed to seeing every day here on the 'net.

A humble prediction: it won't be long before somebody uses the Skype API (or an equivalent) to come up with a killer app that will become the new must-have and change the VOIP landscape permanently. What it will be is impossible for anyone except the creator to say, but my guess is that it'll be disruptive and/or subversive in nature.

It'll be interesting to see what Skype does: stamp it out, embrace and extend, or (more positively) tolerate it or surf the wave.

Hi-tech is an interesting world.