Personalised, new and random mp3 radio

3hives has an m3u for the front page, which is nice, but having one for each archive page would be cool too. Looking at this, and other stuff linked below, gives me an idea:

Icecast + mp3blogs + grep + wget/curl + cron + bash + my Linux server = an MP3 jukebox of cool new stuff pulled in from MP3 blogs.

Yeah, so I'm late to this party. I compenate with boundless enthusiasm! Also: listen. Also: (*slaps forehead*) amazon referals are a business model for the most popular cool hunters. And even niche hunters can build audiences, because this is the web and the tail kicks in. The Long Tail is the latest in a series of catchphrases, but this one has traction, since the model explains a lot about how media and markets work on the 'Net.

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