Media personalisation, notes on "The age of egocasting"

This very interesting article has a new spin on the problem of perfect filters producing boring results, or as it says, "We have created and embraced technologies that enable us to make a fetish of our preferences." Other cool soundbytes:
  • Sampling is the opposite of savoring.
  • “Americans love junk,” George Santayana once noted. “It’s not the junk that bothers me, it’s the love.”
The author lends a little too much credence to the opinions of critics, who seem to be getting rankled that now anybody and everybody is a critic.

A beautiful counterpoint to the thesis is 3hive, which I stumbled on via deli.cio.us - which rocks - and is rapidly introducing me to music such as Flogging Molly that I would never have dreamed of hunting for, but is cool. In this way, 3hive is cool-hunting for me, just as SomaFM or SwissGroove do my soundtracks.

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