Follow up to brain-scan based HCI

The head- and eye-controlled cursor is very cool, and gets rid of the most damaging half of the keyboard/mouse pair. (via NS). It's software that is usable now, and even might make me go out and buy a webcam to test it out.

My only improvement would be to use left- and right- wink for left- and right-click, instead of using the equivalent of double-left-and-right click to mean click. And it will do 3D soon! Fantastic.

(To answer the "silliness" charge levelled in the NS article by the analyst, I do not care one bit about looking silly if it saves me torturing myself with the mouse, and people look stupid talking with headsets, or with headphones, so...)

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Update: Having tried the software, I have to admit it's not there yet. I'm sure we'll get there eventually. (Also: try playing with moving your hand in front of your face...)