Using CXF instead of Axis for Java from WSDL: better results faster.

In the footsteps of the same guy, Glen Mazza, I linked to at the bottom of the previous post, who did the same thing (SOAP client / server using WS-Security and X.509 certificates using CXF), I switched from Axis2 to CXF, and had immediately better results:
  • The documentation and maven plugin instructions is current, and accurate.
  • The plugin works.
  • All the right JAR files are in repos.
  • The code generation worked fine, with some JAX-WS binding stuff added into the mix.
Which leads me to ask, why are there two projects at Apache doing essentially identical things, right down to the usage patterns for the tools they provide? (A: CXF nee XFire is from Codehaus). Anyway, I don't have to write a HOW-TO for this stuff, the docs are there and they're useful.

I have yet to look at CXF support for WS-Security, but it seems simpler from the get-go than the equivalent stuff in Axis2, despite insisting on Java's proprietary keystore, hum, I didn't read this howto clearly enough - files are supported. We shall see!

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