EC2 upgrades again

At lunch today, I read that EC2 can now boot off EBS images, something that simplifies the whole AMI thing and brings it up to speed with Rackspace on the ease-of-deployment front. However, two points:
  1. EC2 is still the clear loser in price-performance, and charging for I/O to the root partition won't help. More specifically, when will EBS I/O become consistent? Probably this has a lot to do with being popular and dealing with shared resources at the lower end, see this HN thread.
  2. My next question is, how does this affect the attack surface of EC2? Can the work done in the "Get off my Cloud!" paper be expanded on?
Anyway, this makes my Postgres stuff interesting, guess I'll be using this new mechanism instead. It's always nice when new stuff arrives, even if it means reworking stuff.

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