One more annoying IE6 bug:

Assuming this CSS:
div { border: solid black 1px; }
And this HTML:
<div id="foo" style="background-color:lightgrey; border:solid red 1px">...</div>
When I evaluate $("foo").style.border=""; I expect to see a div with a light grey background and a black border. And lo, Mozilla doth fulfill my expectations, whereas the venerable IE nuketh not only the element-level style declaration, but also the entire cascade of styles applied heretofore, despite MS and IE having INVENTED Cascading Style Sheets.

Much as I sympathize with frustration at the W3C's glacial process of standards-making (in 'net years), it does seem as if people who don't pay attention to standards bodies end up producing products markably inferior to develop for than those who do.


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