Various observations re: travel

1. In coach on Boeing 747's, the aisle-facing armrest hook is lethal to garments with pockets that can snag. This fact was confirmed by repeated trial and error. We honour the pants that gave their seams in the cause of science during these experiments.

2. Most airport toilets now have a dry-blower and paper towels, which prompts one to ask the question: if I wish to dry my hands after having washed them, which is more environmentally friendly? The blower directly increases the amount of heat entropy in the universe, and may be run of a grid that is feeding partially-renewable electricity. The paper will probably be recycled, but the process of collecting, processing and recycling used hand-towels almost certainly takes more energy than that used by the blower. On the other hand, paper towel collection scales fairly well. Maybe different tools should be used for a given hand wetness index.

3. My head is a strange place. I woke up to the alarm, saw "8:00", got ready for work, stepped out of my flat and realised that it was actually 20:00. I reset my alarm clock wrong, but my body rythms are so screwy that I can't tell the difference. On the other hand, this means I have lots of sleep to look forward to.

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