Slideshow presentations

The reason people put all that stuff in bullet points...

When you create the thing, you think you have to say what needs to be said at the presentation, with your slide show.

Not so. You will be there, and you will say what needs to be said. The slideshow or PPT or whatever is not there to say things, but to show things.


BlueYoshi said...

The purpose to slide is to support you speech. for this purpose you only need to have the skeleton of you idea with 'strong' word ( I didnt say buzzword).

you can have a slide like:

Why xmlhuman readableweb standardwell supported in java

Ian said...

Yees, you can, but what is the point of reducing a coherent sentence to a series of bullet points? I could just say that sentence in place of reading the slide, or put it on the handout.