Three reviews of Pixar's Brave

These links all contain spoilers.

Ebert, The Guardian, and others will say this is Pixar being Disneyfied. But this post is not about them.
  • The New Inquiry: "Just Another Princess Movie" on why Brave is not just another princess movie.
  • On the other hand, Mr. Teacup says Brave is not brave, and that the central character is actually the Mother, for whom the message is "don’t play too much in the male world of politics and forget your role as mother, or you will be turned into a bear"
  • And on the third hand, at the American Prospect, Amanda Marcotte insists the film is feminist.
I leave it to you to decide. And no, I haven't seen it yet.

(Why was this saved as a draft since July? No idea...)

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