Thoughts on WikiLeaks

  1. We should be more outraged at the malfeasance revealed than at the manner in which we learnt of it. That we aren't, speaks to our cynicism and the low-to-nonexistent standards to which we hold government.

  2. It was EveryDNS, not EasyDNS.

  3. Much as I love Amazon AWS (see many, many previous posts), their justification for booting out WL is disappointing, because (a) the cause (Lieberman's call) and effect is there for all to see, and (b) they didn't boot WL off because of the Iraq or Afghanistan war logs, which were also violations of the TOS, six months ago. Besides which, they have a business interest in a robust first amendment - they sell books, including dangerous and subversive ones containing state secrets! This isn't hard people!

  4. As Tim Bray said, the spinelessness of the IT industry in general is depressing when one considers that we should have "freedom of speech" in our DNA.

  5. The following ideas are not contradictory:
  • Cablegate is not necessarily a good thing
  • The way in which various governments and their officials have responded to it is an attack on the freedom of information and on the free press.
  • Julian Assange can be (a) a scumbag rapist, (b) justifiably paranoid, (c) a raging egotist and (d) doing really important work, all at the same time.
Good thinkers on the subject include Clay Shirky and Glenn Greenwald.

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