EC2 Spot instances, latency

There's been an interesting conversation sputtering along about internal network latency on EC2 and its possible relation to the newly-introduced spot instances feature of EC2. Spot instances represent the next step towards a truly commoditised computing platform, which in turn will hopefully be a key part of our future societal information infrastructure (a.k.a. infostructure).

But back to the nuts and bolts:

Jan 12 2010:
Jan 13 2010, Alan Williamson again: "Amazon EC2 Latency: The Pretty Graphs".

Then on Jan 15
2010: seldo.com wrote "Are spot instances killing the performance of Amazon EC2?", and made the first connection with spot instances.

At this point, it would be useful and informative to take the EC2 spot price history from one of these sites (cloudexchange.org seems the best), and correlate it with the network latency experienced by CloudKick and Alan Williamson. I've asked for the figures behind the graphs - we shall see!

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