Hotrepart: long term plans

Pace my previous post on moving hotrepart forward, the plan is as follows:
  • Patch the seemingly-dormant CloudTools to support PostgreSQL, using Londiste for replication.
  • Patch CloudTools again to allow online adding & removing slaves.
  • Patch hotrepart and PL/Proxy again, this time to add a CLUSTERS command that will allow PL/Proxy to act as a bus not just for sharding, but also for master-slave replications.
  • Patch CloudTools again to allow dynamic repartitioning with hotrepart.
Once this is done, then I should be able to run a test cluster that auto-adapts the server provisioning based on workload. If I can get this up to 500 nodes, then I'll consider myself happy, and start working on snazzy canvas-based visualisation/management toolkit.

Canvas will probably be fully supported in IE10 by this time. Anyway.

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