1. Watching ISS debug their solar arrays in real-time is not something I would have thought possible for normal mortals ten years ago. What's also funny is that all they really need is for someone to poke at it with a stick, but it's in space, so...
  2. Cycling in Brussels, Belgium: tram rails, being essentially slippery-when-wet metal-lined grooves in the road, approximately the same width as a thin bike tyre, must not be navigated at ~<30>
  3. I am amiss in not mentioning that xmpp4moz has pretty much done everything I dreamt of doing re: adding an XMPP engine inside FF, and is an impressive piece of work. Preliminary fiddling shows that binding new native functions to the top-level window object, or adding new types of events, is Not Simple. Considerable coolness has already taken place.
  4. Were I not so busy at work, I would dive into this head first.

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