More IE quirks: "This page contains secure and non-secure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items?" when using iframes in https web-pages

This one is more google-able than the ones I've noted down below, but anyway: the gist of the issue is that iframes loaded into a secure page with an src attribute of "" (an empty string) or missing, or "about:blank", are treated as insecure.

This is done when the iframe is going to be filled dynamically via javascript or equivalent.

Since network sniffing doesn't show any non-ssl HTTP requests, this one might be a bit of a pain to debug, were it not for the users of a a wysiwyg/textarea replacement project who reported the problem on their forums.

Anyway, the solution is to use src="javascript:;" as an initial value, which is apparently secure enough for IE not to throw an error message in the user's face.

1/12/2005: This also appears to happen with <object>s, with a codebase that is not https, and that sucks.


malusman said...
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malusman said...

OK, so this is a really old post, but it helped me fix a really annoying problem I was having.

I had to change the IFRAME src to be "javascript:false;" though, otherwise it would still give the warning message in IE 6.0.2900.