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Jason van Steenwyck on army logistics via armor plate. This is a place where some smart people put effort into saving lives. I wonder what business can learn from army logistics, and vice versa. It's all about the agility.

And again on the strategic importance of Haditha. This is exactly the type of 100% 24 Carat analysis that doesn't make it to TV.

Discussion on PC for the xBox's 'exception? what exception?' bug. Link ettiquete? This is new. (And regarding the timing of the leak, and it's effect on the share price: Steve, you're just too cool...)

Article from /. story above, which rests on the commoditization of the PC hardware business as providing apple a target against which to define itself.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious if you are the person from slashdot with a PJB100 languishing with no battery. If so and you would consider selling it I would be interested.