Belgium / followup

A friend once told me: "The most complex object is the user". This is true.

I just told this same friend, who shares my frustration with Belgian paperwork, and a somewhat militant attitude:

If you want to invade Belgium, you have to fill out form "Inv-10-A", and attach annexes confirming compliance with international law, acknowledgement of the ICC, prove that the soldiers (and their translators) are fairly divided between French and Flemmish speakers, and agree to start the process of an economic impact assesment report (and have it reviewed approved by an invasion steering committee), after which (assuming the report is approved) you must obtain permits for the use of heavy and armored vehicles in built-up areas, permission to break the speed of sound over populated areas, conduct background checks and psychological assesments on your soldiers in order that they may obtain weapons permits, and notify the police so they can help ensure that falling rockets don't hit civilians. Then your invasion can commence, but only for 38 hours a week, and no fighting may be done on bank holidays or weekends.
I'm sure I've missed some steps. Probably all the steps involving lawyers and accountants. Oh well...

It's TRUE!

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